Pure Pottery is a father/daughter side business built on the pure enjoyment of creating with clay. The techniques used are both throwing on the wheel and hand-building. All types of clay are used, including porcelain. The pieces are high-fired in a kiln and the glazes are lead-free. Creating everything from bowls to birdhouses, the artists are always thinking of new ideas to make unique pieces. 

Jill Ginac

Mike Ginac

Jill has a love for the wheel which originated from her studio time back in college. With a minor in studio art, her favorite courses were sculpting and pottery. Getting back into clay years later has been creatively releasing and therapeutic for her. Jill's pieces are functional but unique by using cut-outs and add-ons to enhance and give depth.

Mike loves to create unique and whimsical pieces, mostly through hand-building. He also enjoys hand painting fruits, flowers and birds on his pieces. Starting in clay years ago when he owned a ceramic store, Mike became knowledgeable in glazing, air brushing, clay molds, kiln firing, teaching ceramic classes and judging ceramic shows. Only until recent years has he become interested in hand-building by taking a pottery class with his daughter Jill.

Although they have different styles and techniques, both love what they do and enjoy sharing this passion of pottery.